From Our Family To Yours

Our Proud History

The Jones family have a long and proud history in the Australian pig industry. The Jones family are the oldest pig farming family in Australia.  True pioneers to the industry in the 1930’s, K.B Jones began to transition his struggling family farm away from dairy cattle and into pigs. K.B’s decision came with heavy criticism and gave local famers much amusement however he followed his passion for pigs and by 1940 he officially became a stud breeder.  

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Our Delicious Pork

Our farms are gestation stall free, and our style of housing is described as ‘a loose housing system’. Basically what this means is our animals are in large groups of approximately 30 animals and they have the ability to move freely within the pen. These large pens allow the animals to continue their natural behaviour as pigs are very social animals. Our animals are housed within well ventilated climate controlled buildings which have access to natural light.

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What Our Great Customers Say About Us

“We have been purchasing Pilton Valley Premium Pork for a number of years. We have been impressed with their ability to produce a consistent carcass with excellent meat colour and fat levels for what we need in our store. Our customer feedback has always been very positive. The pigs have a meaty carcass which is perfect for our hams and small goods.”   

Go visit Josh and the team in store Logan Hyperdome, 26 Bryants Rd, Loganholme

Andrew’s Meats Logan Hyperdome, Loganholme

Andrew’s Meats Logan Hyperdome, Loganholme

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