From Our Family To Yours

Our Proud History

KB Jones Portrait

K.B. Jones

The Jones family have a long and proud history in the Australian pig industry. The Jones family are the oldest pig farming family in Australia.  True pioneers to the industry in the 1930’s, K.B Jones began to transition his struggling family farm away from dairy cattle and into pigs. K.B’s decision came with heavy criticism and gave local famers much amusement however he followed his passion for pigs and by 1940 he officially became a stud breeder.

K.B’s passion and determination has been instilled in the current family members. Over the last seventy-nine years the family has continued to be pioneers within the industry through many various routes; the care and handling of animals, the health and prevention of disease risk to the animals, and style of accommodation offered. All of these changes have been influenced by our constant desire to be the very best we can be for our animals and the conservation of our farming land.  

Though the faces have changed the same passion for our animals and our industry is still very much alive. As fourth generation farmers and with the great granddaughters of KB Jones managing Pilton Valley Premium Pork our future is alive and well.

KB Jones

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