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Biogas Plant

Biogas Plant

While first and foremost as producers our number one priority is the welfare of our animals; very closely behind this is our responsibility to the environment. We are raising our animals on the pristine lands of the Darling Downs in one of Australia’s rare ‘food bowls’ so naturally one of our main focuses is ensuring we are not negatively impacting our farming lands and where possible improving the quality.

One of the main challenges of the agricultural industry is that animals produce methane gas through their waste and therefore releasing additional gas into the atmosphere. At Pilton Valley Premium Pork, we have turned that negative into a positive. We are one of a very small number of producers in Australia who have installed a bio gas plant on site.

Continuing to lead the way within the industry the installation of a bio gas plant enables us to keep our air as clean as possible. This plant enables us to capture naturally occurring methane from the waste and convert it into useable energy therefore dramatically reducing our carbon footprint. This energy is then used for our in house needs and the excess exported to the grid.  

Our farms also have installed on site extensive solar panels which captures natures usable energy.

In order to keep our food kilometers as low as possible we also source as much grain as we can from our local famers and process through our onsite feedmill.

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